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It started with a creative push a few years ago. I was never a fan of synthetic fiber Yogawear, it just felt that my skin could not properly breathe and most of the mainstream designs were not my cup of tea - you see them everywhere. If you are looking for natural fiber Yogawear, the selection is not big and mostly in plain colors..I decided to design something unique. My request was, that it should be made from natural fibers for a cozy body feeling and that I can work with the material and create something special. I started to experiment with color and dying techniques, bought a screen and realized my own designs in gold, bronze or silver screenprints. If you were ever in the DIY - scene, you know, that is possible   to create anything by hand. All that is needed is a creative mind and some time to realize. In the meantime I sell the pieces in a shop in K3 and in my yogastudio in zurich. Each piece of Sattvayogawear is a handmade unique piece, I gave them names related to nature and yoga.

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