Radha Kripa experiences yoga not only as a potent means to bring about wellbeing and healing on a physical, mental and emotional level, but also as a rewarding and fulfilling practice in itself, that shines through all the areas of one’s life gracing them with awareness, love and compassion.
A book from her hometown library opened the door into the world of yoga in her teenage years and she found herself deeply fascinated by its philosophy and intricate practices. Soon after, she was introduced to the Bhakti-yoga tradition, which captured her heart fully and reinforced her previous choice of a vegetarian diet. She ventured into observing and assisting the great masters of devotional cooking whom she met on her journeys in Europe and India and cherished not only their skilful ways of using the kitchen tools and ingredients, but even more their meditative focus, their humility and service attitude.

After several years of experiencing the benefits of a vegan diet, Radha Kripa’s heartfelt aspiration is to inspire others to try out and maybe embrace a different way of cooking and eating that is more beneficial not only to humans, but to other living beings and the environment as well.


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