I came to yoga around seven years ago, searching for a source of wisdom and knowledge that could make me capable of better understanding the world around me and bring balance to my emotional sphere.         
So it did, and much more. Faith and commitment developed, motivated from the acknowledgement of how the practice - meditation, sangha, physical exercise - was shaping my entire being.
Not much later I spent half a year mostly alone in the nature. There I had experiences of profound love for this world and it's creatures.  Then it was clear, if there is one thing worthwhile doing,  this is being of help and service, in first place to humanity, cause nowadays human beings control or can affect nearly all life on earth.
From this realisation came my interest in Ayurveda, a science old thousands of years,  learnt by the cristal clear minds of ancient seers,  who observed nature in order to penetrante into its fundamental laws.  Deeply interconnected with yoga, it's ultimate goal is also the liberation of the soul.


2017-2019: course in Ayurvedic Therapy - Ayurvedic Point, ISO certified school. 500 hours

November 2018: two weeks course in Panchakarma therapies ( Ayurvedic deep clensing procedure). SNA Ayurvedic clinic - Thrissur, India. 70 hours.    

August 2019: one week retreat in  Bhakti and Hata Yoga with Krishna chandra and Alexandra Berg. Ananda Dham Ashram, Ticino.

November 2019: second module of the Panchakarma therapy course. SNA Ayurvedic clinic - Thrissur, India. 70 hours.

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